Ishida India a 100% subsidiary of Ishida Japan was established in April 2007 in response to the surging customer demands in India. Located in Gurgaon, Harayana, the company provides weighing and packaging solutions to the Food, Pharmaceutical and other Industries of the highest quality.

At the new office, Ishida India has a CCW Multihead weigher, X-Ray Inspection System, Checkweigher and Metal Detector apart from a variety of scales and balances as demonstration machines for local customers to carry on weighing and inspection/detection test of each product. With this demo-room Ishida India will closely comply with customers' requirements and play an important role to develop the machines and application that exactly fit their needs.

Ishida's Journey in India

Ishida first entered the Indian market in 1986. Our products have been coming into India for over 21 years and we have a wide satisfied customer base. Since 2000, when India became a focus of attention as a member of “BRICs” economies, demand for Ishida’s high speed-weighing and packaging systems increased rapidly, especially among major customers. Rapid economic growth has created a large middle class which is believed to be more than 200 million with high purchasing power. As food consumption continues to grow explosively, food makers are expanding their production facilities to boost production for meeting the demand.

Although the main customers of Ishida were initially food products almost exclusively, customers in other product categories like Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Industrial products have also increased.

Against this back drop Sales of Ishida products have registered a growth of over 150% in recent years. Demand for after sales service has also grown at the same time. We established our office in India in April’07 to ensure our customers in the burgeoning Indian market get instantaneous response to their requests and build relationships with them.

Our customers have responded positively and we were able to exceed our estimated turnover by over 40% for the financial year 2007-08. We received an excellent response from other sectors like Pharmaceutical Industries and personal care. Now we have a full-fledge service centre at Gurgaon with engineers trained from Japan. Also we have our sales organization ready to cater to the customer’s needs. The journey has been excellent and we look forward to establish Ishida India as a one stop solution from ‘Manufacturing to the Supermarket”.

Ishida's Experience in India

The Indian Market is not new to Ishida. We have 100% satisfied customers with over 450 installations all over the country. Customers are very happy that they have easy access for their needs. India being a vast country with huge potential we have strategically located our Sales Engineers and it has been an enjoyable experience visiting and meeting various customers, experiencing the warmth and the personal touch of customers from different parts of India.