TY Series

The Light & Compact Carat Balance That Revolutionizes the Concept of 0.001-ct Measurement

  • Newly developed MMTS ( Mono-metal tuning- fork Sensor)
  • Incredibly high resolution from an ultra- compact system
  • Quick response and high stability
  • Roll-tap Shield’s frontal access makes weighing easy

Shield stopper
Keeps the shield from Unexpectedly closing

Anti- electrostatic shield body
Is made of a special material That permanently prevents Static electricity

Elegant curved design
Makes the balance blend in With a jewelry shop’s ambience

RS-232C interface
Allows data output to satellite Displays, printers, etc.(standard feature)

Optional rechargeable battery
Allows continous operation For 32 hours in any location

Dry cell battery operation (DB Type)
Balance runs coutinously on 9V battery for more than 20 hours,10 hours with RS- 232C

Model TY-600DBE TY-1600DBE TY-600TDBE TY-1600TDBE
Capacity 600ct 1600ct 600ct 1600ct
Readability 0.001ct 0.01ct 0.001ct 0.01ct
Non-Linearity ±0.004ct ±0.02ct ±0.004ct ±0.02ct
Shield Roll-top shield 3 sliding door shield
Pan size ф80mm
Dimensions 235×182×165mm 251×207×260mm
Output RS-232C
Measuring System Tuning-fork frequency
sensing (MMTS)
Tare Full weighing range
Calibration With external weight



LCD (16.35mm high)
Weight Approx. 1.6kg Approx. 2.4kg